Funny and rookie renovation mistakes

I’m sure we’ve all done some pretty silly things around the house by accident. You know, when you try to be like that handyman, or when you get a set of tools for Christmas and you feel like you absolutely have to put them to use. But some projects become a never again experience, and [...]

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How much is bathroom renovation in Perth?

It’s always comes down to how expensive something is, right? Well, we’ve already said a thousand times that bathroom renovation doesn’t have to bite a good half of your early salary. What does a bathroom renovation in Perth cost? The answer to this question will largely depend on the size of the bathroom, the amount [...]

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About our Work: Issue №1, Warri Road

Why not make a series out of our work projects? Today we’re showing you this beautiful bathroom on Warri Road, City Beach, WA.  Our client wanted us to:  Replace tiles Replace bathroom vanity Convert bathtub to walk-in-shower Replace toilet suite Paint ceiling Bathroom area itself was quite small, only 6m². We managed to stay in [...]

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Small bathroom renovation ideas and help

So, you have been thinking about a renovation ideas for a small bathroom a lot lately, but it seems impossible because of how small your bathroom is? Actually, it is not a problem at all, but it is important to consider things listed below before diving deep into the renovation itself. Let’s discuss important things [...]

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