Almost every single person on this planet owns a wooden piece of furniture. For some people wood is the only option when it comes to buying furniture as it’s comes from nature and isn’t toxic. 

Today we’re covering more reasons why wood is great for furniture and why everyone should consider this option to be more mindful to what’s around us.

Trees grow back

Wood is a renewable source, which is a great thing in itself: in theory, we can’t possible use up all wood that is around. We can’t use all plastic also, yes, but what would be worse, having no wood or no plastic? That’s what we’re talking about. 


When treated correctly, hardwood furniture can last longer than a lifetime — some over 100 years. The longer wood lasts, the less energy is used on the production of new products, which in turn makes it better for the planet. Of course, it depends on the source of wood and the way this piece of furniture was produced, but in general wood is beyond durable. 

Can be recycled and used again

Reusing wood means less materials being sent to landfill or being burned, both of which pollute the environment. And, of course, the other benefit is that reclaimed wood furniture is full of character that only time-worn furniture can have. That is also the reason why vintage wooden furniture costs a lot even if it’s not made of some prime timber — style. 

Minimizes our carbon footprint

Trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, which lowers the overall carbon footprint of wood. Once wood absorbs CO2, it is stored there and remains out of the atmosphere. It doesn’t work that way once the tree is transformed into furniture but knowing that you’re doing less harm is always nice. Plastic table, for example, is very wasteful to produce and you know it! 

Capturing heat

The cellular inside of wood means that it naturally retains heat more effectively than other materials. It holds much more heat than even ceramic tiles do. Air chambers within the wood itself absorb heat and create a naturally warmer home that requires less energy to heat it, and that’s a great thing during winter!

Here at Alsoma we make our own furniture and if you’re kind on our environment and want something out of timber for your renovation — feel free to contact us!