When picking out materials for outdoor furniture you should keep some things in mind. First of all, it should be sturdy so no wind or hail can damage it. Second of all, it should come as waterproof or at least have some water resisting surface so it’ll be safe from rain and other possibilities of water damaging. 

What are the most used options? Let’s dive in!


It is a traditional and classic material that is available in many varieties. Some popular wood choices for outdoors are teak, eucalyptus, cedar, pine, and oak.

Its many benefits include durability and low maintenance. The natural oils in some types of wood, such as teak, protect it against rot and harsh weather, extreme temperatures, and humidity.


Traditionally, it was available in neutral colors but now comes in many shades. All-weather wicker is suitable for outdoor use and is made from woven synthetics.

Wicker is lightweight, sturdy and easy to clean which may account for the fact that its popularity doesn’t seem to wane.


Since it is so popular, there are many designs and styles available in this material.

Aluminum is lightweight, sturdy, and easily moved from one spot to the other. An additional benefit to choosing aluminum is that it is easy to maintain, as it cleans easily, resists corrosion, and can hold its own even when left outside for long periods.

Wrought Iron

It is a strong, hardy material and styles in a wrought iron range from contemporary to traditional. It lends a look of luxury, and because of its weight, wrought iron will not tip easily. This trait makes it ideal for windy environments.

Wrought iron furniture does require some care to prevent rusting and corrosion.


Concrete furniture is probably the hardiest furniture that you can find, and also among the heaviest. The weather can be at its harshest without doing it much damage. You can find some very interesting finishes in concrete as well.

It is quite low maintenance as well and can be easily cleaned with soapy water and brush.

Here at Alsoma we respect your right to choose the material you want — call us and we’ll figure something out for you!