Kitchen renovation is no different from any other renovation and you DO need to have a good plan to make it come to life. Here at Alsoma we’ll help you with anything renovation-wise but still there are some steps to be aware of yourself. Keep reading!

Save up

It will always come down to money and your overall spending capability. Even if you’re not (and especially if you are) planning a renovation start to save up some amount of money for the time when this renovation is much needed. You’re going to thank this past you for thinking ten steps ahead. 

Eating out or cooking on a mobile stove? 

Kitchen renovation means you won’t be able to use the kitchen properly, that’s obvious. Take-ins is fine, going out is fine too but it’s a rather tough task to do three times a day for several days. We suggest you buy a mobile stove or a similar device so home cooking is still possible but doesn’t take up a lot of space.  

Check the season

Consider getting a renovation in the summer or at least when it’s not cold and rainy. It’s a universal advice for any renovation whatsoever, simply easier that way. There’ll be a lot of dust and specks and additional rubbish, so when it’s hot and dry outside there is less probability of dragging dirt around the house. And it would be a lot more pleasant if during the renovation process you can see the sun and birds flying around outside your window. 

Use the best

Saving money is cool but you need to save up before deciding on a renovation and not cutting money off your renovation budget to save something up. It’s essential that you choose the best materials and furniture for your kitchen. You’ll be in that room everyday, cleaning, cooking or having dinner if possible, don’t you want to have it cozy and high quality? It’s not always expensive, it just takes a bit more time to choose and look around for something. We’ll help you with that.

Choose furniture carefully

Kitchen is a very hot and humid place sometimes and you sure know it. You need to choose the right furniture for everyday tasks so it’ll be long lasting. Opt for materials that are water resistant and won’t absorb heat as much. Also always keep in mind that you absolutely NEED some storage space, so even if your kitchen is minimalistic to the core you need to store at least some food and cutlery.