We’re greatly proud that almost every one of our projects features the furniture that we made. We use pre-finished MDF board from premium suppliers that don’t take too much effort to take care of, but still there are some essential rules.

Today we’re talking on tips to take care of our MDF furniture so your cupboards and shelves stay as shiny and new as long as possible!

Clean the surface

It’s important to clean your surfaces and with MDF it’s like Bob’s your uncle. Just use a clean damp cloth, preferably a microfiber cloth to capture every speck of dust. 

You don’t need to use any cleaning gels or sprays with MDF, and more important, it’s best you not use it so there’s no chemical damage to the surface. And it’s a great way to save some money on household chemicals overall! 

Use coasters and holders

MDF as well as any polish on it can be not so hot or cold friendly, so why not jump two steps ahead and use coasters and holders for anything you place on your surfaces. be it cold, hot or wet. 

Also, try not to leave any hair styling tools on your bathroom counters to cool off. It may not be hot but it can definitely damage the surface in a long run. 

Be attentive

If anything spills — wipe it fast. Any colored liquid can leave a stain behind and regular water can cause the surface to bubble up or crackle. 

Try to keep your MDF spaces dry and warm and it’ll be around for years and years on end. 

Sun baths are a no-go 

Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight and temperature variations may cause the colour of MDF furniture to fade, especially if we’re talking dark options. 

It’s not the material to blame — even the best wood coated in the best polish possible can fade if it’s always exposed to sunlight.

Here at Alsoma Homes we can design and assemble any furniture piece that you desire in two days! Design difficulty makes no difference for the time spent. You can order your furniture in any material you’d like; our basic material of choice is MDF.