We talk about how we’re making and installing our own furniture in our projects a lot. It’s time to cover how and out of what we make that furniture!

First of all, let’s talk about the material we use the most!

When making our furniture in general, we most often use MDF.

But what exactly is MDF?

MDF is medium-density fiberboard that’s an inexpensive and durable option for many carpentry projects. We use pre-finished fireboard from premium suppliers that don’t take too much effort to take care of.

Why is MDF so good?

  • MDF is inexpensive.
  • MDF uses recycled wood, which is environmentally-friendly.
  • Veneers can be attached to MDF to make it look like real wood.
  • MDF will not expand and contract in the heat and humidity as much as solid wood can.
  • MDF is easy to paint in a variety of colors and easier to shape than solid wood.
  • MDF doesn’t have knots that can make a piece hard to attach.
  • MDF is resistant to pests, such as termites, due to the chemicals used in its construction.

Therefore we love using MDF and swear by it. If you’re on a fence about it being not so natural (though it definitely is) and think that it’ll come out of shape fast — check out our tips on how to take care of our self made MDF furniture!

There are a lot of ways to cover MDF to make it look like real wood, leather or even vinyl plastic. Also, we can insert glass or plexiglass if needed!

Every furniture piece can be made out of MDF as it’s highly versatile and easy to work with. Try us out!