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In an effort, to provide you a seamless design service, we help our clients to transform any room in the house. Have a look at our best interior design services. This service is a gift to you with our compliments. Our décor services are for those who are looking for a professional, space-tailored and unique designs that best meets your budget and style. So, come and discover the unique choices we have and explore what each service can offer you.

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Bathroom Renovations

It’s time to add personality to your bathroom. Create a space that’s attractive and charming. Find everything that you need for a bathroom that is functional and stylish with our thoughtful collection. If you are planning to decorate your bathroom to something that is stylish, we are the professionals to call. Everything you need to give your bathroom a final flourish, Rainbow star has the skills to make it happen. Our décor service will bring your dreams into reality.

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Laundry Renovations

Laundry is sometimes neglected and as a result, lack style, but we can show how good it can look. It’s time to make the most of a new laundry area or upgrade an old one using a decorating scheme that perfect world for you. If you have space, the laundry area will create an additional personal space. It will definitely turn into a haven for you and will also add an extra value to your property.

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Kitchen Renovations

Give the heart of your home a well-deserved upgrade and inject more personality into your cooking space for inspiration, leaving a long-lasting and a remarkable impression on your guests. Our charming designs could convince anyone to become a home cook. Make your kitchen look elegant with upgraded materials. With unique options that we have for you, you won’t have to spend much time to find one that your family would love. Our ideas will inspire the next meal you have.



Looking to upgrade your backyard? Let us help you uncover your outdoors potential. Whether you want to reinvigorate your current backyard or go through a complete landscape makeover , our team of designers, architects and builders can help you create and construct your dream space.

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Custom and Flat Pack Cabinets

We create cabinets for every part of your home. Kitchen, Bathroom, Laundry, Walk-in-Robe, Lounge, Bedroom and even outdoors. We also manufacture cabinets for commercial properties, public spaces, Kindergartens, Schools.

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