Reasons wood is popular for making furniture

Almost every single person on this planet owns a wooden piece of furniture. For some people wood is the only option when it comes to buying furniture as it’s comes from nature and isn’t toxic.  Today we’re covering more reasons why wood is great for furniture and why everyone should consider this option to be [...]

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Best material for furniture-making

We talk about how we’re making and installing our own furniture in our projects a lot. It’s time to cover how and out of what we make that furniture! First of all, let’s talk about the material we use the most! When making our furniture in general, we most often use MDF. But what exactly [...]

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How to take care of our self made MDF furniture

We’re greatly proud that almost every one of our projects features the furniture that we made. We use pre-finished MDF board from premium suppliers that don’t take too much effort to take care of, but still there are some essential rules. Today we’re talking on tips to take care of our MDF furniture so your [...]

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