Renovation budget: to pay a lot or not to pay a lot

Once upon a time there was a couple who spent a reasonable amount of money on a bathroom renovation. Yeah, yeah, another modern fairytale… Or is it? Let’s be real — trying to save up or «make it cheap» is not going to work while considering any construction work. It should last for a very [...]

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About our Work: Issue №1, Warri Road

Why not make a series out of our work projects? Today we’re showing you this beautiful bathroom on Warri Road, City Beach, WA.  Our client wanted us to:  Replace tiles Replace bathroom vanity Convert bathtub to walk-in-shower Replace toilet suite Paint ceiling Bathroom area itself was quite small, only 6m². We managed to stay in [...]

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Five most common bathroom renovation mistakes

Mistakes during every type of renovation are very common in itself. It may seem a rather easy task. However, keeping everything under control is not easy at all, while people that work for you are there. When people think about improving their home, bathroom is usually at the top of their list. Bathroom is one [...]

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