How to Plan a Bathroom Renovation

Remodeling is a tough task to do all by yourself. Tough tasks always consume a lot of time, energy and sometimes, even your own well-being. It’s best to be prepared in advance. Bathroom renovation: how to start Some time ago we talked about most common bathroom renovation mistakes and how to avoid them. It’s certainly [...]

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About our Work: Issue №2, Hollins Bend, Madeley

Today we’re showing you this awesome kitchen on Hollins Bend, Madeley! It's very spacious and airy, with a lot of light to come in and come out.  This kitchen itself is rather big, and the budget was big on this one. We knew that we could go out of our comfort zones while designing this [...]

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Small Kitchen Renovation Ideas

Every size of space can work beautifully given the right amount of thinking about how you can use its cons to be your pros. Today we’re sharing Five small kitchen renovation ideas so your future remodeling is as easy as possible!  Think bigger in a small space Change your perspective a bit: small space demands [...]

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