So, you have been thinking about a renovation ideas for a small bathroom a lot lately, but it seems impossible because of how small your bathroom is? Actually, it is not a problem at all, but it is important to consider things listed below before diving deep into the renovation itself. Let’s discuss important things about small bathroom renovation ideas in Australia.

Choose the one you trust wisely.

Meaning, of course, all these construction crew workers that will be paid for the job. Before deciding on any crew try to get as much information on their experience as possible. It is crucial (literally!) that they know how to work in wet areas and what to do if something goes wrong. Remember that the cheapest option in this case is always the one you should avoid — this type of work is never cheap, though it should not cost a fortune either.

Do not plan too much.

It is great to have that one friend who studied some interior design at uni and has all the blueprints for your new bathroom in his head, but planning too much may result in you being dissatisfied with the result. When it comes to renovation, it is better to discuss small bathroom renovations ideas with the construction workers before adjusting the plan — impossible is possible only to the extent.

Avoid dark matte colours in order to expand the space.

Well, maybe you have been dreaming of black walls in your small bathroom renovation ideas for a long time, but it does not have to be flat. Try light ceramic tiles and see if it is what you are comfortable with. Another trick to make your bathroom seem bigger on the inside is to use mirrors, though it depends on how many you can fit, if any.

Consider small or floating furniture.

It is great to have a king-sized bathtub, but it is unlikely to fit one into a three square metre bathroom. Shower is as good as bathtub, and it gives you a bit more space to fit different bits and pieces here and there.

Still, no matter how small your bathroom (or budget) is, we are more than happy to do anything we possibly can to make your renovation dream come true. Every renovation step is on us, meaning you can sit back, relax and enjoy your favourite TV show or book.

How much does a small bathroom renovation cost: 10 000$ ( Contract based, average price)

Pictures of small bathroom renovations: