Remodeling is a tough task to do all by yourself. Tough tasks always consume a lot of time, energy and sometimes, even your own well-being. It’s best to be prepared in advance.

Bathroom renovation: how to start

Some time ago we talked about most common bathroom renovation mistakes and how to avoid them. It’s certainly a useful material, but, to some extent, out-planning every mistake ahead of its time is a best strategy when it comes to such thing as renovation.

Today we’re going to discuss how to plan a bathroom renovation before said renovation even falls into the grand scheme of your free time. Pre-preparations, if we may.

Save Up

First things first — it will always come down to money and your overall spending capability. Even if you’re not (and especially if you are) planning a renovation start to save up some amount of money for the time when this renovation is much needed. Unless you have some extra thousands of dollars on a remodeling impromptu because-you-felt-like-it, save up. You’re going to thank this past you for thinking ten steps ahead.

Think about a Temporary Bathroom

So, you have some amount of money for your dream renovation. Another problem appears — how to do bathroom renovations when you have only one bathroom that is now in constructional ruins and you have nowhere to shower? Skipping showers for a month is not a great idea (though it would save you some time, jk).

If you have another bathroom, then this is easy. If not, make a plan for where you’ll shower and brush your teeth as remodeling happens. Maybe it’s high time you visit your relatives or there’s a chance to stay at your loving friends. Living in a place with no ability to do basic hygiene is going to stress you out even more than the renovation itself ever can.

Don’t Get too Fixated on One Idea

Try mixing and matching all the things you love about your friend’s bathroom or those breathtaking design ideas you’ve seen on Pinterest or YouTube. Nothing has started yet, so you’ve literally no obligation to stick to the first thing that came to mind. There are plenty of fish in the sea, look around and widen your choices so you can be certain that this thing you envision is really the one you want, not the only one that was available.

Know Those You Work with

It’s very important to meet your renovation workers even before you start a renovation. These people will be at your house every day for a fixated period of time and it won’t be a joyful process if you don’t want exactly these people to stay at your house.

This modern and awesome world gave us the right to choose freely, so there’s nothing wrong with working with people you like. Especially, with people you can trust, since this renovation is going to stay with you for a long time.

That’s exactly why you won’t see stock images of workers here on Alsoma website — we want you to know the real us, those people who will come to you and make this great design idea of yours come to life.

Plan Your Time as Well

Saving up is not about money only, it’s also about your free time that you can dedicate to this process. Be prepared for spending a lot of extra time to discuss your idea with a designer (we can create your dream design so you don’t have to seek out another contractor), shop around for tiles you want and shower cabin you know you desperately need. Though, you can leave this «shop around» to us, by making sure you know the exact things you want. We’ll find them.

Next, decide on whether you want to hold a finger on the process or you can trust the whole work in the hands of your construction team.

Undergoing a remodel is never easy, but the results can be so worth it! And the more you prepare in advance, the smoother your project can go. Next stop: a beautiful new bathroom with Alsoma!