Every size of space can work beautifully given the right amount of thinking about how you can use its cons to be your pros. Today we’re sharing Five small kitchen renovation ideas so your future remodeling is as easy as possible! 

Think bigger in a small space

Change your perspective a bit: small space demands high functionality so there’s a lesser chance of overthinking and cluttering your kitchen. Think bigger — what do I need to make this space work to its fullest? What can I possibly leave behind, since I don’t need it that much? Need more surface for cooking purposes? Think of ways you can store your everyday utilities such as blender or coffee-maker besides countertops. Use that thinking with every kitchen necessity you can think of. 

Opt for open spaces 

Tiny kitchens can feel claustrophobic when overhead cabinets are hovering over your head. Sometimes you can’t even reach what’s in them (and there’s not a lot of room for a step stool or ladder), and the overall feeling is boxy and cage-y. If you can get organized enough, trade the top cupboards for open storage. Consider shelving, pot racks, and magnetic knife or spice holders instead. 

Use the transparency 

Visuals play a significant role in how small your kitchen would be. Try using glass cupboard doors or incorporate mirrors here and there. Also, think of light, airy colors when choosing materials, as it gives you more room to breathe. 

Let the sunshine in 

If possible, install a wide window frame to let more natural light come into your kitchen space. If not, think about artificial lighting. The possibilities with indoor lights are endless, so combine it until you get the desired amount of light. Use incandescent lighting underneath the upper cabinets shining down on the countertops. Ceiling incandescent spot lighting, when directed at the cabinetry, will increase the shadowing of the space and give the area greater visual movement. 

Embrace the accents 

Opt for lighter colors in general, butm for example, don’t be afraid of painting a whole wall bright yellow. Accents instantly draw your first round of attention so naturally your kitchen space would come up bigger. Pastels or light colors, with good doses of white, reflect light drawing the eyes upward and make the room seem taller!

Here at Alsoma we are sure that even the smallest space can be remodeled in a way that you won’t feel any discomfort. Thinking of a kitchen remodeling but it seems like it’s too small? Contact us and we’ll make your kitchen renovation dreams come true!