Once upon a time there was a couple who spent a reasonable amount of money on a bathroom renovation. Yeah, yeah, another modern fairytale… Or is it?

Let’s be real — trying to save up or «make it cheap» is not going to work while considering any construction work. It should last for a very long time, which can be hard if you have too tight of a budget, because high quality costs much more than something mediocre.

But does it mean that you should spend a fortune? Of course not! That is exactly what we think and how we prefer to work with our clients. Any budget can work if considered wisely, so don’t hesitate contacting us even if you think that you don’t have enough money for a high quality renovation. There is always a way to figure something out.

Take a look at your bank account — what can you spend without doubting yourself? Is there something particular (like a sink, a tub or else) that you want to purchase for your bathroom? Is there a particular design that you seek?

If you’re on a budget it’s a great idea to forget about any supplemental interior designers. Here at Alsoma we walk you through every step of your renovation, which means interior design is also on us.

It’s always a good decision to make positive changes, renovation included. Trust us, we’re the ones who will make your renovation process entirely positive!