Mistakes during every type of renovation are very common in itself. It may seem a rather easy task. However, keeping everything under control is not easy at all, while people that work for you are there.

When people think about improving their home, bathroom is usually at the top of their list. Bathroom is one of the smallest rooms in house. However, it’s also one of the most used one whether small or big. Apart from being functional, also it has to look nice! DIY renovation that meets both of these criteria isn’t simple.

Every bathroom needs to be upgraded more frequently than any other rooms in your house. If you had decided that the time was right for a full-scale renovation, here’s the most common mistakes you need to avoid:

Not knowing what to do

I’m sure you understand that turning your newly installed king-size bathtub into shower space is not so easy and also very expensive. Why would I want that, you might ask? That is a big question. It means that you have a plan. Some people don’t, so they change plans at very last minute. It is a very common, though not a pleasant, thing amongst first homeowners.

If you’re not confident about planning a renovation yourself, we can help you and guide you through renovation process including design.

Not thinking about useful space

Today you may not think about all those shampoos and shower gel bottles, those little soap samples, bath bombs and conditioners, but once it’s time to use your bathtub or shower you’ll notice that something is missing.

You’re missing useful storage space, like wall niche or shelves. It’s not fun to place everything you need on the floor next to you prior to taking shower. Yes, you wish your place would look clean and minimalistic at all times, but at what cost?

A well-designed bathroom naturally incorporates storage into the design, rather than space cluttered with boxes and other items you can keep on shelves.

Storage is a priority when it comes to making a decision on what you want to achieve with bathroom remodel.


Occasional repairs

Yes, upgrading and buying new furniture can be a very expensive process. That’s why so many people try to do some bits and pieces around themselves at different times. It’s would be an obvious one but you live in this apartment and, ahem, you’re visiting your bathroom space every day.

It is possible to renovate your bathroom at a slower pace. However, it’s also worth remembering that the longer your bathroom stays incomplete the longer you may be lacking its main functions. If you want to keep the renovation process as smooth and as simple as possible, then one big push is essential.

Too much light

Lighting is one of the most important aspects when thinking about bathroom renovation — if it’s not right, then all your hard work is pointless. Standard bathroom lighting is usually ceiling lights, which we can all agree is not the most convenient form of lighting for looking in the mirror in the morning.

With your renovation, don’t ignore the possibility of additional lighting options, as they can provide a much warmer, more realistic, and more pleasant environment. Lighting can still be bright and functional without becoming harsh and unpleasant!

Bright colour choice

Bathroom is a small space, which means that your choice of colours should be simple, though not ever boring.

Keep wall and floor tiling plain, adding colour and texture with accessories. This strategy helps with creating a finished look that is attractive without being too extreme!

In conclusion, bathroom renovations can cause a lot of mess, hassle, and stress. However, by being aware of common mistakes mentioned above, you can be sure that your renovation will progress just as you expect.

While working with us, though, you won’t need to think about anything as it is our job to keep every part of the renovation under control. Need bathroom remodel? Contact us today!